Download | MOJISOULS ft MIKE ABDUL – JigiJaga

Download | MOJISOULS ft MIKE ABDUL – JigiJaga 

Gospel recording artiste, music minister and Pastor, MojiSouls has released her sophomore single titled “JigiJaga”, an afrocentric praise song with a beautiful melody and catchy chorus which will spur you to dance in praise of the Most High God.
She enlisted the expertise of Gospel music minister, Mike Abdul to make the uptempo praise song an outstanding effort.
According to her: “Thinking of how God brought me from the world and saved me, I can’t but praise Him in a song and dance anyhow. Not thinking of how people will see the song or the dance since the sole aim is to do what pleases God and God alone. Psalms 149:1-4 – Let everyone praise God in a “JigiJaga way” not minding what people say.”
The song was produced by Tyanx.


Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me (hallelujah)
When the Spirit of the Lord is moving me yeah
I will dance, oh 2ce
This is the way I know how to give my praise (jigijigijaga, jigijigija
Am praising Your Name, I don’t care what people say o
This is the way I know how to dance my dance oo
Almighty God, I know that you understand…
Oya dance, helele
Oluwa l’Oseyifunmi,
My God na Helele
Hallelujah, O pami lerin Ayo, (moyege)
Ore ofe tofifunmi opo ju (repete) hallelujah repete
Ah ah eh, emi o mo
Ibi ti nbati mopemiwa
Ah eh,mori iye… ijo ope mi,emi loye ooo
Verse (Mike Abdul):
Is it your thanksgiving? da mi lohun
Is it your thanksgiving?
Mole komole gan, to ba wunmi, mole se 360
Praise mi, kole in comma,
Jesu mi ibu onye Oma
Jigijaga, jagajigi, anyhow ni mase ma jijo ope
Ah ah eh emi Omo oo
Ibi tin bati mope mi wa…
Ijo ti m’ojo l’ana ko ito,ko ito,ko ito
Momu ijo ope mi wa,every body wan womi
Repeat ijo to m’ojo l’ana..
Repeat chorus…
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