DOWNLOAD | Sini Dangana – Chioma (ft De Stanley Brothers)

Sini Dangana – Chioma (ft De Stanley Brothers). In the host high, there is a commotion of End Time Soldiers Conflagrating, and it is delightful to observe Teenagers and Youths enjoying a fair portion of this look.
Straight from the staples of the Niger Delta’s native population (South South, Nigeria).
A teaming pair of brothers (the De Stanleys) and a well-known brand (Sini Dagana) created the season’s most notable partnership.

Sini Dagana‘s original song, Chioma (Good God), features De Stanley Brothers.
It is a dance song of gyration worship that extols the goodness of God Almighty and affirms the listeners’ faith in God across all things and time.
The ramifications of this song collaboration, which is a game-changer for the duo and a song for everyone, are still being felt today.
Produced by the famous Vdj Martinx is

Chioma (Good God) out over all digital channels.



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