God’s Favour Johnson Suleman – I Need You (Download Mp3)

God's Favour Johnson Suleman - I Need You
God's Favour Johnson Suleman - I Need You

New track “I NEED YOU” by contemporary gospel musician GOD’SFAVOUR JOHNSON SULEMAN is released.
God’s favour, a powerful member of THE TRIUMPHANT SISTERS, a gospel music group made up of her sisters and created by their biological mother Dr. Lizzy Johnson Suleman, is the biological daughter of the revered Apostle Johnson Suleman. They have contracts with the well-known gospel record label JOLIZ RECORDS.
The release of “I NEED YOU” coincides with a moment when the country desperately needs God’s help. The song serves as a reminder that we will always need God because it is in our nature to depend on him in order to progress.

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