Gospel singer Naomi B. Releases Ep CREATED TO WORSHIP



Gospel Singer Naomi B. Releases First 

*Inspirational gospel singer Naomi B. has made a name for herself in many circles over the years for her versatile vocals and growing ministry. However, fans have tried to remain patient in anticipation for her first project and now, their wait is finally over! She has released her EP entitled, “Created to Worship,” now available on iTunes, Amazon and all other major digital distributors.

The project features her celebrated single “Show Me” and other tracks that highlight precisely why she is a rising star gospel music lovers need to keep an eye on.

‘Created to Worship,’ the title track of the EP talks about how, “as God’s creatures all of us were created to worship …and my definition of worship is giving back to God what he gave to me. . .what He has entrusted me with,” Naomi B. said. “What do you have that you can offer back?  Worship isn’t just a song that you sing during worship service, but it is a lifelong attitude of gratitude and reverence to God for who He is and who He created us to be. And, we can express this through our gifts and talents.”

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Arriving at the release of the EP has been a long journey for Naomi B. She had hoped to release projects on a few other occasions, however, she still felt something was missing, until now.

“I believed the music wasn’t quite there yet,” she said. “Now, I feel like I am with the right group of producers, I have grown as an artist, I have grown as a minister and I’m more sure of who I am. I wanted to make sure that everything was right, because you only have one time to make a first impression.”

Moving forward, there is a great deal of promise for Naomi B.’s career. She is booked for numerous upcoming performances and her ministry continues to grow in popularity, without the support of an industry record label. She is moving at her own pace and she is perfectly content with that.

“This is not just about music, this is ministry! And my purpose is to bring healing to people through my music,” said Naomi B. “My purpose is bigger than a record deal. It’s bigger than whether the music industry knows my name. I had to really understand that, because for a while I felt like if I couldn’t break into the music industry scene [the traditional way], I was somehow failing. But I learned that if you just let God open the doors for you, there is no limit to the success He can bring.”

For more information on Naomi B. and her new EP “Created to Worship,” visit her website at www.naomibmusic.comor follow her on social media at @naomibmusic. Also, listen to the full album here!



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